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Hello. Remember me? QwQ
I'm still on hiatus but I missed you, guys! All of you~
So I would like to say sorry for not typing and updating my stories.
I received messages (even on, regarding my updates, especially on my fic, "My Substitute Groom".
I would like to say thank you for adoring my stories, and thank you for your comments. :) 
For every feedback that I receive, thank you. ^^

I also want to inform you that I don't have time to type stories these days since I have to type paperwork and proposals, I have a backlog of them here. 
Being in my senior year is hard, but I'm doing my best. Currently, i'm working on my invention for Physics-or something like that.
My robot is inspired by my passion for different languages, which I got from watching and entering the fandom-'Hetalia!', and meeting friends from different countries ^^.
It's a translator robot-it translates through speech. :) But well, ^^; since I'm just in Highschool, not even eighteen, and don't have much information about these stuffs-I found doing this project hard-and stressful. I can barely even sleep on weekdays, this includes Saturday since our school has Saturday classes-due to the one week suspension because of the flood and heavy rains. Well, I have siestas on Sundays, except for today since I bought materials from a far place. ^^;
Aside from that robot, I'm also working on my thesis and Research Survey. :) I haven't even started working on my Business Defense TTwTT, we have to think of a business that they haven't heard yet-or something like that.

Well, about my health conditions? I'm doing fine. :3 really. Hoho. Having low fevers for some times but it's pretty normal, even these eyebags! haha xD

I may sound a bit stressed, but I'm fine! I'm doing my best :D 
I would like to tell you, as well, that I will be back by December. 
That time, I'm sure that I could write. For now, i hope you understand my inactivity. ^^
Expect new stories, finished series, and oneshots-mostly are Hetalia and Shingeki no Kyojin. //SinceI'mABitAddictedToLanceCorporalLevi <3
Err.. excuse my other side ^^;

Oh, and you can add me in FB! :D 
that's my other account~

Anyway, excuse this thing, I just missed you, all :D

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Silbido Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for the llama, dear! ^^
akirakinimoto Sep 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the llama dudezkie~
SherryVeramuto Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Iamthehero2013 Jul 23, 2013  Student General Artist
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YOU GAVE ME A LLAMA!!! That's so nice!!!! Thank you!
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Haha :)) You're welcome! :)
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